Thursday, April 29, 2010

Teisha Marie - Addicted To Life - The LP x "Awaken"

I just came across Maryland songstress Teisha Marie by way of filed under "Slept On Sundays", a phrase that says it all about this dope ass album! Check out this joint "Awaken" from her album Addicted To Life, a 14 track Soulful/Hip Hop vibe that has slid under my radar for far too long! Though this album was released in NOVEMBER OF 2008, It was destiny that I one day find this album and sure enough, I did, & now so have you. Buy the digital album by following the link below for only $4.50 or the CD for about 13 bucks then check Teisha's myspace page and her website.
<a href="">Awaken by Teisha Marie</a>

Buy: Mp3, CD
Myspace: Here
Website: Here

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