Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ayah & DJ Jazzy Jeff - This Way (Album Sampler)

Over the past few weeks the net has been going nuts about the news of Canadian songstress Ayah & the legendary DJ Jazzy Jeff joining forces to create an album. You may remember Ayah from her previous album 4:15 that I put ya'll on to last November (Here) which was a Neo-Soul classic! Now, this deadly duo has just released the sampler for their upcoming album This Way which includes 5 full tracks and 7 snippets! Words can't describe how amazing this sampler alone is which leaves anxious for the album in its entirety. download the sampler by following the link below and get Ayah's 4:15 album Here if you haven't already .
This Way Sampler: Here
Ayah Myspace
DJ Jazzy Jeff Myspace

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