Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ayomari – The PB&J Solution

I just came across some new heat over at illroots! Check out this cat Ayomari straight out Los Angeles, CA who just dropped his FREE new mixtape entitled The PB&J Solution. Ayomari lays down some dope rhymes over those mellow type beats i love so much! The tape features production from producers such as Cook Classics, Just Blaze, & Exile just to name a few. Don't let this tape slide by your ears without at least giving it a listen. To preview before you download, follow the link below to his myspace page to hear a few of the cuts for yourself & if you like it, download it. Enjoy!
Ayomari Myspace: Here
Ayomari - The PB&J Solution: Here
Spotted @ illroots

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