Saturday, December 5, 2009

Shaun Boothe - U.B.J.B. (Unauthorized Biography of James Brown)

Unauthorized Biography of James Brown (1st of 12)

SHAUN BOOTHE | MySpace Music Videos

I came across an interesting project today by rapper Shaun Boothe. The project is a Nas inspired 12 Chapter Unauthorized Biography Video Series with 6 chapthers already completed! Boothe has been releasing a new Bio Monthly for the past 6 month's which have featured the following artist's:
1.James Brown
2.Bob Marley
3.Muhammad Ali
4.Martin Luther King Jr. & Barack Obama
5.Jimi Hendrix
6.Sean Combs
Boothe's next Biography will be of Oprah Winfrey which i will be posting as soon as it drops. Check out the first Chapter above of The Godfather of Soul himself, James Brown & follow the link below to head over to Boothe's Myspace page to check out previous Bio's.
Shaun Boothe Myspace Page

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