Monday, November 23, 2009

Zune Playlist 7

Damn i though I made it on time this week! I promise i wrote this yesterday i just forgot to publish it lol. Lets jump right into my Zune collection and check out whats been playin' on my device the past few days.

1. Quest - Distant Travels Into Soul Theory
I must admit I didn't know who Quest was until the release of his 5th & latest mixtape, Broken Headphones. Since then, I have become a huge fan of his work. Lately i have been listening to his 2nd mixtape entitled Distant Travels Into Soul Theory. A mixtape of Quest spittin' over 1970's soul cuts. Download Here

2. Rakim - The 7th Seal
Rakim finally released his long awaited 3rd solo studio album earlier this month entitled The 7th Seal. The album features artists such as Destiny Griffin, Samuel Christian, Tracey Horton, IQ, and surprisingly Maino. This album is crammed with in depth lyrics from Rakim and some of the best production I've heard rakim rhyme on. (Personal Opinion)

3. Apple Juice Kid - Miles Remixed
A mixtape that has been downloaded over 10,000 times produced by 8 time beat battle champion Apple Juice Kid has managed to get past me for quite some time now. Tough the mixtape was released nearly a year ago, by God's graces i stumbled across the download this past week. If you are a fan of the legendary Miles Davis, be sure to download this mixtape if you haven't already! Download Here

4. Pac Div - Church League Champions
I first downloaded this mixtape when it first came out and i must admit i wasn't that big of a fan. I recently took a second listen at the tape and was immediately kicking myself for underestimating these cats. Don't be like me, hopefully this is old news to many of you by now. If not peep the tape. Download Here

Thanks for stoppin by the lounge & be sure to check back daily for new music and come back next week for another list. I hope you all enjoy the music!


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