Monday, November 9, 2009

Zune Playlist 5

Whats up everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. This previous week was filled with downloads. A lot of you from the Zune Network have been hittin' me up about new artists and mixtape's to check out. Thanks to all of you for your feedback and for the support it is GREATLY appreciated! That being said, lets get into this weeks playlist of what's been in rotation on my Zune.

1. The Black Sunn- Godsound
This album is filled with dope beats and smooth flows right from the jump. You can download the album for free at his myspace page. Remember thats The Black Sunn with two n's.

2. Mike Posner - One Foot Out The Door
Thanks to Highcalibur over at the Zune Network for puttin' me up on this cat Mike Posner. A futuristic sounding mixtape with an original sound and great production. find the mixtape by searching Mike Posner at

3. Shafiq Husayn - Shafiq En' A-Free-KA
Sa-Ra member Shafiq Husayn released his solo project in October which is a smash! If you're not familiar with Sa-Ra Creative Partners, get to know them you wont regret it.

4. Jesse Boykins III - Dopamine: My Life On My Back
I'm not sure which album of Jesse Boykins album's came first, Dopamine or The Beauty Created, either way both albums are beyond amazing. Lately JB3 has been making a name for himself by being featured on a lot of other artist's mixtapes and albums such as Mickey Factz, Kel Spencer, numerous Theophilus Londo tracks, and many more. Don't let his music pass you by!

5.Ledisi - Turn Me Loose
I was put onto Ledisi by my uncle J about two years ago when Ledisi released her album Lost & Found and i became an instant fan. Although L&f is still my favorite album by her, Turn Me Loose has plenty of dope cuts to keep you bobbin' ya head!

Be sure to stop by the lounge daily for new music updates and every Monday to snoop through my music collection. if you have any questions about where you can find some of the music, or you want to share music get at me via e mail at

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